In my ceramic works, I primarily work with earthenware clay and surfaces of terra sigillatas. Terra sigillata is the finest particles of a clay suspended in water. Earth metals and other colorants are added to the various bases of terra sigillata to achieve a variety of color results. Additional washes of materials are applied over the terra sigillata surface resulting in weathered textures and varied colors. Slips and glazes are used to enhance the terra sigillata surfaces.

The earthenware works are primarily fired in an electric kiln, with finished fired temperatures of cone 03 (1950°F). When I work in stoneware or porcelain, the works are fired in anagama or naborigama style wood kilns, with finish fired temperatures of cone 10 (2345°F).

Feel free to e-mail me with questions: studio@rhondawillers.com

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BOOK :|: Terra Sigillata: Contemporary Techniques (Print Book or PDF) is available via Ceramic Arts Network online store


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