Workshop Hosting

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One-on-One Lessons via Zoom

Have specific needs or questions?
One-on-one lessons via zoom can be scheduled. These lessons have a per hour rate.
General Process:

1) Send me an email ( with your topics, needs, or questions

2) I will follow up with clarifying questions to understand the scope of needs

3) I will estimate how much time will be needed to cover the requested topics

4) I prepare for our lessons

5) We meet via zoom (unrecorded)

6) I send a follow up email with resources or information based on our conversation, if appropriate.

Terra Sigillata: Lectures & Workshops
Based on my research and use of terra sigillatas, these workshops focus on the making and using of terra sigillatas. Proper studio space and materials are required for this type of workshop.

Lecture Topics

     Historical & Contemporary Practices

     Process-Based & How-Tos

     Terra Sigillatas Across Temperature Ranges & Firing Methods

Hands On Workshops or Demonstrations

     Using Terra Sigillatas

     Making Base Terra Sigillatas

     Making Colored Terra Sigillatas
     Application, Making & Using Washes and Patinas with Terra Sigillatas

Hammock Project Hosting

Interested in hosting a hammock project at your location?

Contact me through the workshop contact form to begin a conversation and discuss specific site needs.

Clay Hand Building Workshops

Hands On Clay-Based Workshops or Demonstrations

Coil, Pinch, Slab, and Bisque-Molds (low-fire or high-fire focuses)

Proper studio space and materials are required for this type of workshop.