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Terra Sigillata: Lectures & Workshops
Based on my research and use of terra sigillatas, these workshops can focus on the technical aspects of terra sigillata. Proper studio space and materials are required for this type of workshop.

Lecture Topics

     Historical & Contemporary Practices

     Process-Based & How-Tos

     Terra Sigillatas Across Temperature Ranges & Firing Methods

Hands On Workshops or Demonstrations

     Using Terra Sigillatas

     Making Base Terra Sigillatas

     Making Colored Terra Sigillatas

Clay Hand Building Workshops

Hands On Clay-Based Workshops or Demonstrations

Coil, Pinch, Slab, and Bisque-Molds (low-fire or high-fire focuses)

Proper studio space and materials are required for this type of workshop.

Creative Practice Workshops

Interactive Workshop

Using writing, photography, and observational drawing or painting in your sketchbook to fuel your creative practice.

Creativity Group Discussions

Group Discussion Format

90 minutes to 120 minutes of group discussion guided by me based on a topic of the group's interest. A group interested in this option should reach out to me via email, and we will discuss and plan the topic for the gathering.

This is not a making-based workshop, but participants are encouraged to bring sketchbooks/notebooks to reflect and use during discussions.

Topic Examples

     How to keep creatively making throughout your life

     How to begin a creative practice | Finding joy through creative practice

     Mothering & Creativity | Keeping your creativity lively while raising children & beyond

Hammock Project Hosting

Interested in hosting a hammock project at your location?

Contact me through the workshop contact form to begin a conversation and discuss specific site needs.

General Worskhop Requirements

Travel, Accommodations, Meals

Host pays for all travel, food, and lodging. Honorarium separate.

For inquiries, please complete the workshop contact form.