November 27, 2019 - March 8, 2020 Crowns : Crossing into Motherhood :|: Canton Museum of Art, Canton, Ohio
On View :|: November 27, 2019 - March 8, 2020

Where :|: Canton Museum of Art, Canton, Ohio

Brief Summary from Canton Museum of Art Website

Motherhood in our society is at a crossroads. This intersection of home, career and societal expectation is not a new one, but is now being examined through the unforgiving lens of social media and the rapid pace of contemporary society. Crowns refocuses this frantic search for the “perfect mother” by exploring varying maternal experiences in beautifully crafted, sculptural works of art. Each piece encapsulates carefully selected imagery, emotion, and individuality while speaking to the simultaneous joy and pain of motherhood in modern society.

In Crowns, the artists are creating work that reflects their experiences - physical and emotional - in relationship with their role of motherhood. We are literally crowned by our mother's hips as infants in the womb, and the role of motherhood might be described as a crowning moment for some. Motherhood causes artists to redefine who they in their lives and careers. Crowns explores the transformation of artist to artist-mother.

Artists in Crowns include Stephanie DeArmond, Carole Epp, Kathryne Fisher, Jessica Gardner, Eva Kwong, Rhonda Willers, Janis Mars Wunderlich, Summer Zickefoose, Erin Furimsky, Rose B. Simpson and Kristen Cliffel. Exhibit curated by Jessica Gardner.

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